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Marymount University 26th Street Project
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26th Street Project

Overview of Significant Events
Updated August 2009


April - July 2009  
  • Undergrounding of overhead utility lines
  • Site clearing, including daily hauling-off of asphalt and debris via the 26th Street parking lot entrance
  • Relocation of site entrance to Yorktown Blvd.
  • Installation of excavation support and solder beams
  • Excavation, including hauling-off of dirt
august 2009 - December 2009  
  • Build concrete structure, including daily deliveries of formwork, reinforcing steel, and concrete
september 2009  
  • Utility installation, including trenching activity. This will impact traffic, especially along Yorktown Blvd.
November 2009  
  • Building fit-out, including all framing, rough-in, painting, and cabinet installation (runs through July 2010)
January - april 2010  
  • Erection of precast façade, including daily deliveries by tractor trailer of precast panels
  • Installation of Yorktown Blvd. Pedestrian Bridge
  • Delivery and installation of windows
  • Delivery and installation of roofing
April - August 2010  
  • Building fit-out work continues
may – July 2010  
  • Installation of hardscape and landscape materials, including lighting, walkways, and trees. Work will impact public spaces and traffic flow.
August – September 2010  
  • Move equipment and furniture into building
September 2010  
  • Move-in of resident students
October 2010  
  • Project completion
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